Solving the Big Pre-Sales Problem in Crypto

Providing a profitable long-term presales environment for crypto investors on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and more.

Investing in Crypto Presales Rarely Pays Off

99% of investors end up losing money, because:

  • Pre-sales are set up to favor the developers and the platforms hosting them.
  • And the little profit that's left? Gobbled up by bots

Feels unfair, doesn't it? But don't lose hope, Tahr knows how to tackle it

Our Solutions

Revolutionize Your Crypto Journey

Empower your crypto investments with Tahr's suite of analytical tools and platforms.

Tahr Scout

Tahr Analyzer

Leap ahead in the crypto wilderness with Tahr Analyzer. Our advanced tool scrutinizes upcoming pre-sale tokens, social buzz, and pre-sale parameters to spotlight your next golden opportunity.

Analyze with Tahr Analyzer
Tahr Tracker

Tahr Copilot

Coming Soon! Set up presales with confidence using Tahr Copilot. Get real-time recommendations and best-practice guidance to make your presale a success.

Setup with Tahr Copilot
Tahr LaunchPad

Tahr LaunchPad

Coming Soon! Elevate your token launch with Tahr LaunchPad. Our secure platform is engineered to minimize common pre-sale pitfalls, paving the way for a successful debut.

Launch with Tahr LaunchPad
Our Solutions

Transforming Pre-Sales for a Better Future

Tahr Protocol is dedicated to solving the big pre-sales problem in crypto investments by:


Empowering investors and developers with the knowledge needed for successful crypto presales.


Offering tools for in-depth analysis of presales to identify and mitigate potential risks.


Providing a secure platform for developers to launch presales, minimizing common pitfalls.



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